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Feel Welcome & Loved

"Rachel is the best all-around yoga instructor I've had ever. (Total:6) She is extremely knowledgable in poses for all levels, as well as targeted yoga for sore hips, knees, arms etc. Her skill and attitude are unparalleled in SE Iowa. Anyone curious about yoga will feel welcome and loved in her space." 

~Mallory Riffel, Burlington IA

Easier Labor & Recovery

"I started yoga at 19 weeks and went into labor at 38 weeks, labor was about the same this time with my second pregnancy, but actual delivery was SOOO much easier. With my first i pushed for almost 3 hours, this time got him out in THREE pushes!! And recovery was so much easier this time. No swelling, no tearing, and only minimal soreness. I definitely didnt feel like i just had a baby. I highly recommend Mother Moon for any pregnant mamas! Cannot wait to go back for postpartum." 

~Alyse Louden, Burlington IA

Feel Relaxed & Comfortable

"Feeling so relaxed after just my first prenatal session with Rachel! She is very friendly, imformative, and makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in! Looking forward to more classes and to watch her business bloom!"

~Mary Brown, Burlington IA

Work out the kinks of Pregnancy

"I took both group and private pre-natal yoga classes through Mother Moon and absolutely loved it! The yoga helped work the kinks out and helped with my swelling during pregnancy and I attribute my quick, medication-free labor and delivery to the relaxation techniques and poses I used during the yoga sessions! I would recommend her classes to any soon-to-be mom and I can't wait to get some post-natal sessions in!

~Laura Blanchard, Burlington IA

Soothing & Reassuring

"Rachel is a wonderful teacher. Her voice is so soothing and reassuring. I look forward to every encounter"

~Stephanie Davis, Burlington IA

Gain Strength, Peace, & Balance

"Rachel is an AWESOME instructor! Patient, kind, non-judgemental all while helping you get to poses you NEVER imagined!

I started YOGA for flexibility, but ended up gaining so much more. STRENGTH, PEACE and overall sense of balance in my life. I rarely took time for myself, but now arrange my schedule around being at YOGA and PIYO classes. Rachel rocks!!"

~Judy Riffel, Burlington IA


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