Why the Moon?

I’ve always been fascinated with the cosmos.   When I was little, my dad and I would lay on a blanket and stare up at the stars for hours.  Sometimes he would teach me the constellations and other times we would watch meteor showers and make wishes on falling stars.  As I got older, we’d stare out into the abyss and discuss the power of the Universe.  We’d talk about black holes, and space-time continuum, and the sheer infiniteness of it all.

…and we also talked a lot about the moon.

It’s funny, I really never thought about it until now.  I haven’t quite been able to figure out why the name “Mother Moon” came to me.  I never really had a great relationship with my mother and I haven’t seen her or spoken to her in over 15 years, yet the name “Mother Moon” has continued to whisper to me.  In my thoughts, in my dreams, in my meditations, Mother Moon calls to me.  I thought maybe it was because I’m contemplating taking on the role of “mother” myself…or maybe it was because I’m a prenatal/postnatal/baby yoga teacher…or maybe it was because I’m specializing in women’s wellness…or maybe it was because I’ve always called the moon grandmother moon, but I felt I was too young to call my studio Grandmother Moon Yoga!

I now know I chose “Mother Moon” because of my dad.  He was my mother AND my father.  I know that, because from the very beginning of creating this concept I’ve wanted to include dads, men who are preparing to become dads, men who are thinking about it, men who don’t want to be dads at all, and all humans who identify with more masculine, or “Shiva”, energy.

Dads can play the “mom” role, and many of them do.  Mine certainly did.  And he did an amazing job at it.  I feel like he really embraced his softer side for me, and that was important as I developed into a young adult and then a woman.  Now that my dad is gone, I find myself turning to the moon for so much guidance.  Not only do I feel his energy there, but I also feel the nurturing energy of my grandmothers, my great grandmothers, and all of these generational mothers before me.  I feel the power of Mother Universe in the moon, and then I feel that power within myself.

When I turn to the moon, I am filled with so much light and energy and love.  That’s what becoming a mother means to me.  Filling yourself up with the ecstasy of creation.  Embracing a journey of complete surrender to your path.  Whether it be a physical baby or something else you desire to “birth” into this world, when you surround it with the pure joy of what you love to do, its power is limitless.

Mother Moon is about embracing what’s inside you.  It’s about loving you for who you are and believing in who you want to become.  It’s about providing you the nurturing energy you need to grow, and holding space and support for you when you need guidance.  It’s about supporting fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers.  It’s about FAMILY.  Walking the Mother Moon path is about balance.  Just as the moon shares half the day with the sun, we too can learn to share our energy between our masculine and feminine side.  It’s ok to be soft.  It’s ok to grow hard.  It’s ok to not know where you are headed.  Embrace the balance, and the flow will come

Why the moon?  Why not?!  What better example do we have than to turn to the cosmos?  What better path than to search amongst the wisdom of the stars?

Just as the moon shares half the day with the sun, we too can learn to share our energy between our masculine and feminine side.”

~Mother Moon

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